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Drinking Water Testing UK is operated by Pozzani Pure Water plc (www.pozzani.co.uk) - one of the UKs leading suppliers of domestic and commercial water treatment equipment in the UK. Being based in a rural area, Lincolnshire, we have many customers enquiring about private water supplies, which in co-operation with a local drilling company we offer an 'all in one' drill and treatment service. In addition to servicing domestic dwellings we also have major manufacturing and retail clients running systems processing tens of cubic metres of water per day.

As time has gone on we have found many customers across the UK have come to us for advice because they have inherited a property with a well or borehole and are unsure of its suitability for drinking, as well as many customers looking to source alternative supplies of water (run-off water on hills, rivers, streams etc) due to the spiralling costs of mains water.

Naturally when drilling a new borehole or servicing an old one, the key factor is knowing what you are working with. Whilst we are not a lab ourselves, we use a Drinking Water Inspectorate certified laboratory who conduct tests for the likes of Thames and Severn Trent Water. The volume of tests we process means we can more often than not undercut any independent laboratory quotation in the UK, due to the fact we receive substantial quantity discounts for our customers - The test package we retail for £149 + VAT can easily be sourced in the UK for over £300! Simply put, you are getting the same level of service that the water boards and local authorities rely on for their own use, but at under half the price you would expect to obtain directly.

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