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TEST 01 - Standard water analysis test
Our most popular test - Suitable for landlords, property rentals, mortgage approvals
The most common test package booked by our private water supply customers. This series of tests is usually sufficient for people living in the UK who are looking to diagnose problems with a well or borehole or to certify a supply as safe to drink during the sale/renting of a property.

This is a comprehensive test in line with what water treatment companies are expected to conduct on their own supplies, covering a wide range of contaminants, heavy metals and bacterialogical problems often overlooked with lower cost packages. It complies with the standards the Drinking Water Inspectorate set for private water testing by local authorities.
 Bacteria Chemical & Metals
 TVCs @ 22 degreesLeadAluminiumCopper
 TVCs @ 37 degreesCalciumMagnesiumNitrate
ConductivityTaste & OdourTurbidity
Standard price only £157.50 plus VAT

TEST 02 - Scottish Water/Building Regulations
For people looking to comply with Scottish Building Regulations the following test package must be booked which includes all of the tests in our standard package plus additional tests for Antimony, Boron and Cadmium.

This test fully complies with Scottish Water Regulations, and is suitable for building developments using private water and for customers looking to test existing supplies.
 Bacteria Chemical & Metals
 TVCs @ 22 degreesLeadCopper
 TVCs @ 37 degreesCalciumMagnesiumNitrate
 Clostridium (inc spores)ConductivityTaste & OdourTurbidity
Standard price only £214.95 plus VAT

TEST 03 - Standard Microbiological Testing
Standard tests for E-Coli, Coliforms and total colony counts, ideal for periodic testing of UV equipment and for food production environments. Legionella testing may be added to this product for a small additional charge. Note this test is not suitable for certifying drinking water as being safe to drink as it only tests for Bacteria not chemical contamination
 Bacteria Chemical & Metals
 E-ColiNot applicable
 TVCs @ 22 degrees
 TVCs @ 37 degrees
Standard price only £37.95 plus VAT

TEST 04 - Hydroponics Testing Service
Hydroponics systems often require water with a precise chemical, biological and pH balance. This series of tests is designed for Hydroponic growers to test their incoming water supply to determine necessary treatment prior to nutrient/fertilizer addition.
 Bacteria Chemical & Metals
 TVCs @ 22 degreesLeadCopper
 TVCs @ 37 degreesCalciumMagnesiumNitrate
ConductivityTaste & OdourTurbidity
MolybdenumPhosphateTotal Potassium
Silica as SI02BoronCobalt
Standard price only £239.95 plus VAT
All prices include delivery of the bottles to you, the selected test, an official certificate and our recommendations for treatment.

If you have any questions regarding the suitability of the test package you require please drop us a line by clicking here. Alternatively you may call our technical helpline at normal rates on 01507 608100 Monday to Friday during office hours.

How do we manage to keep our prices so low?

Well we are water treatment specialists, offering hundreds of products to solve a wide variety of drinking water treatment issues. All water samples will be accompanied with our enigneers recommendation on what equipment you need to resolve your specific issues without any obligation on your part to go ahead. We believe we offer cost-effective solutions designed with the customer in mind, and our subsidised testing packages basically give us a chance to offer you a quotation!

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