Solutions services

Our customer services don't end once you receive your test results back. If testing highlights issues with contaminants and water quality, we offer a follow on service to help you resolve these problems.

When your test results are returned from the lab, one of our experienced water treatment engineers will review the findings and contact you to discuss them. At this point, you'll be able to ask any questions you may have about the results, and our engineers will answer these to the best of their knowledge for you. They can explain what the results mean, what may have led to such results and outline possible treatment solutions moving forward.

Using their extensive knowledge of geographical issues, water sources and treatment solutions, our engineers can recommend products, equipment and processes that are bespoke to your circumstances, and provide a no obligation quote for these. Of course, we hope that you will consider us for any treatment options if they are necessary, but if you decide not to we won't chase you up with calls, emails or visits.

If you do select us as a provider for your treatment solutions, we will be available to answer questions and offer advice even once processes have been undertaken and/or equipment has been installed. We want our customers to feel that they can come to us for support at any time as one of our main driving forces as a company is enabling individuals to enjoy quality drinking water from a private supply as a result of our knowledge and customer service.

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