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£157.50 +VAT

Test 1

Biological & Chemical Standard Water Analysis

Test 1 - Standard water analysis

Standard price only £157.50 plus VAT 

Our most ordered test - suitable for landlords, property rental and mortgage approvals

  • Sufficient for people living in the UK who are looking to diagnose problems with a well or borehole, or to certify a supply as safe to drink during the sale/renting of a property
  • Comprehensive test in line with what water treatment companies are expected to conduct on their own supplies
  • Covers a wide range of contaminants, heavy metals and bacterialogical problems
  • Complies with the standards the Drinking Water Inspectorate set for private water testing by local authorities.

£214.95 +VAT

Test 2

Scottish Water/Building Regulations

Test 2 - Scottish Water/ Building regulations

Standard price only £214.95 plus VAT 

Extended test suite specially designed to meet Scottish Building Regulations

  • Fully compliant with Scottish Water Regulations
  • Includes all of the tests in our standard package plus additional tests for Antimony, Boron and Cadmium
  • Suitable for building developments using private water and for customers looking to test existing supplies.

£37.95 +VAT

Test 3

Standard Microbiological

Test 3 - Standard microbiological

Standard price only £37.95 plus VAT 

Ideal for testing the performance of sterilisation equipment connected to private water supplies

  • Standard testing for E-Coli, coliforms and total colony counts
  • Suitablel for periodic testing of UV equipment and for food production environments
  • Legionella testing can also be added to this test package for a small additional charge
  • NOT suitable for certifying water as being safe to drink as it does not test for chemical contamination.

£239.95 +VAT

Test 4


Test 4 - Hydroponics

Standard price only £239.95 plus VAT 

All-in-one test suite designed for hydroponic farms

  • Ideal for hydroponic growers to test their incoming water supply to determine necessary treatment prior to nutrient/fertiliser addition
  • Can be used to monitor pH levels and electrical conductivity.

£69.48 +VAT

Test 5

Microbiological Test for Pools

Test 5 - HSG282 Microbiological Test for Pools and Spa-Pools

Standard price only £69.48 plus VAT 

Mandatory for holiday home rentals, holiday parks and other public pools and bathing facilities

  • Swimming pool and spa-pool water should be microbiologically tested each month to monitor for the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms
  • In addition, the water should also be tested every quarter for Legionella and testing for this can be added to the package for an additional charge.

Add on tests

Any of the tests below can be added on to your chosen test package for the fee listed. When you add a test package to your cart, you will be asked to select any of the required add-ons at this point. If there is a specific test that you would like to be conducted and we do not have it advertised below, please contact us on 01507 608 100 or by emailing dwt@pozzani.co.uk as we may be able to arrange this for you.

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