DWT05 - HSG282 Microbiological Testing for Pools and Spa-Pools

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What tests are included?

TVCs at 22 degrees
TVCs at 37 degrees
Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Swimming pool and spa-pool water should be microbiologically tested each month to monitor for the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms under HSG282 The Control of Legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems guidelines from the Health and Safety Executive.  In addition, the water should also be tested every quarter for Legionella.

Tests should also be done:

  • before a pool is used for the first time
  • before it is put back into use, after having been shut down for repairs
  • if there are difficulties with the treatment system
  • if contamination has been noted
  • as part of any investigation into possible adverse effects on bathers’ health
  • in the event of adverse results

More frequent sampling will be necessary if there is a problem, or for particularly heavily loaded pools. Hydrotherapy pools, even those not in a healthcare setting, should be tested weekly.

Our accurate and robust testing is carried out by a UKAS accredited laboratory with extensive expertise in water analysis and reporting. They have full membership with the Legionella Control Association and undertake microbiological and chemical water testing for a wide range of water types.

They have purpose-built laboratories located across the country and, therefore, offer a well-established and efficient nationwide service. Testing is carried out to the highest standards so you can be sure of the integrity of your results.

The standard price of this test is £69.48, which includes certified laboratory testing (including a comprehensive report) for all of the tests outlined above.

How does this service work?

First, you must purchase your test package at the fee outlined above, in addition to any of the add-on tests which you may choose to supplement with. Typically these tests are only required if you have a suspicion that your water already suffers from one of the issues outlined. However, if you are unsure you may ring 01507 608100 and speak to one of our engineers before proceeding.

Once payment has been received we will send the sample bottles which you will need to fill and then post on a Next Day service (Royal Mail Special Delivery or similar) to the laboratory. Full details will be enclosed with the sample bottles. 

Your samples will be shipped to our laboratory and your tests should be completed within 14 working days after receipt. At this point, we will email you a copy of your analysis, along with a recommendation on what treatment solutions may be applicable to resolve them. 

Do we guarantee our tests?

We have been in the water treatment business over 30 years and throughout this time have been involved in hundreds of private water treatment projects ranging from small domestic dwellings up to large clients such as Meadowhall, Pepsi and Unilever. Typically, we know what to expect on most reports from the different areas of the UK, and should something seem amiss, we will always investigate further. 

Are there any catches?

No catches. In addition to your test results, you will be given a FREE review of the test with our engineer along with a recommendation of what you can do to fix it. This is included with your email and whilst we would hope you'd consider us for any treatment options (if any are necessary), we certainly do not chase customers, send out pushy salesmen or cold-call. 

Can I cancel my test?

You may cancel your test up until it reaches the laboratory at which point the costs incurred do not make it feasible. If you cancel your test at any stage before receipt at the lab you will be liable just for the charges incurred up to that point which will consist of one or two courier deliveries and the cost of the bottles supplied - In most cases this is under £20.

​If you have any questions regarding the suitability of the test package you require please drop us a line by clicking here. Alternatively, you may call our technical helpline on 01507 608100, 8:30 am-5 pm, Monday to Friday during office hours.

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