Coronavirus and water: A summary of facts, myths and guidelines

18 March 2020

Now declared a pandemic, coronavirus (COVID-19) has been spreading across the globe and as of 9 am on the 17th March, there had been 1,950 confirmed cases in the UK. Understandably, the population are concerned about the situation and you may be one of those that are trying to make sense of the information that is rapidly being published whilst also rapidly changing. This article aims to summarise the advice that has been floating around online, separating fact from fiction.

UK tap water is found to exceed safe levels of cancer-causing chemicals

22 January 2020

A study by the Barcelona Institute of Global Health has established that the UK is one of nine countries within the European Union that exceed safe levels of cancer-causing chemicals in its drinking water and that these chemicals are responsible for causing more than 1,300 cases of bladder cancer in Britain annually.

Sewage being given the green treatment by worms and fleas in Scotland

29 November 2019

Utility Scottish Water is trialling an emissions-free wastewater treatment that utilises fleas, earthworms and microalgae in a bid to lessen the environmental impact from sewage.

Zimbabwe left with only one working water treatment plant

17 July 2019

The town of Harare and four other satellite towns are in a water crisis leaving 50% of the 4.5 million without access to the municipal supply of water. Harare city council's corporate communications manager, Michael Chideme said, “Some people are getting water five days a week especially in the western suburbs, but the northern suburbs are going for weeks without a drop in their taps.”

Anglian Water issued boil water notice in wake of unsatisfactory test results.

15 July 2019

Over the weekend, Anglian Water issued a notice to residents around the Lincolnshire Wolds area, asking them to boil and cool their water before using it for drinking or preparing foods. This affected several towns and villages including Horncastle, West Ashby, High Toynton, Belchford and Hagworthingham, amongst others.

E.Coli found in Leicestershire village drinking water supply

11 July 2019

30 properties in New Causeway in Barkstone-le-vale have been issued a do not drink warning after dirt got inside a water pipe during routine maintenance and resulted in E.Coli contaminating the water supply.

Burst water pipe leaves Balerno homes with no running water!

10 July 2019

On Saturday (6/7/2019) a pipe burst south west of the city of Edinburgh and as a result, some homes had no running water for three days. Scottish water said it was taking all necessary steps to repair the pipe in Harlow Road in Balerno and that they had been providing bottled water to the houses that have been affected the worst.

The burst pipe impacted upon homes not only in Balerno but also Currie and Blinkbonny leaving them with either no water at all, discoloured water or low pressure.

Boris Johnson assures drinking water supplies amid Brexit mayhem

04 July 2019

Boris Johnson released a statement about leaving the EU with no deal; ‘the planes will fly, there will be drinking water whatever happens on November 1 in this country and there will be milk solids and glucose and whey for our Mars Bars. Where there’s a will there’s a whey.’ This statement had quite a negative effect on the people of the UK, with many taking to Twitter to comment on this statement.

Chennai Water Crisis - Reservoirs all dried up

04 July 2019

Chennai is currently in a severe water crisis that will affect an estimated 9 million people. The city’s reservoirs and lakes are parched and its wells have run dry after two years of scanty rains.

Southern Water receives record £126m penalty over 'shocking' wastewater failures

01 July 2019

Southern Water's failure to make necessary investments led to equipment flaws which resulted in wastewater polluting rivers and beaches in southern England. As a consequence, they have been handed a £3m fine and been ordered to pay £123m compensation to their 4.2 million customers by regulatory body Ofwat.

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